Free phone sex

Free Phone Sex

Like many men, I'm horny, lonely and, worst of all, broke. I broke up with my ex 5 years ago and, since my work place is a sausage fest and my school days, when I was cool and everyone called me Dr. Jazz, are far behind, all I can think about are tits, ass and why my right arm is a lot more muscular than my left.

I joined a bunch of dating sites like Plenty of Fish, Okcupid or Match but all I managed to do was to meet some single moms with asses the size of China, who expected me to foot every single bill and do that for a few weeks before they'd finally care about my needs and suck on the purple-headed yogurt flinger. So I gave up on that kind of stuff.

After a while, I started frequenting webcam sites, which are way too expensive and way too slow for my crappy Internet connection, and phone sex lines. I eventually googled this amazing resource of cheap phone sex and their most recommended number was 1-888-242-7125, that costs just 25 cents per minute and the first $5 are also free of charge. I couldn't believe I actually ran into a free phone sex number and a really awesome too, that I kept calling even after my first $5 were gone. I'm now a happy man so I decided to make page to advertise this free number while learning to make websites.